back ordered NOT AVAILABLE Porsche Speedster KIT CAR bodies replica 356A

back ordered NOT AVAILABLE  Porsche Speedster KIT CAR bodies replica 356A
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Product Description

bare bones, no frills: These 356 speedster bodies are not inexpensive because of materials used in construction. They are priced low because we sell to a private fleet company outside of the USA. These kits are not for the novice either. Materials and glass work are excellent, but it is up to the end builder to bond and engineer the kit with what we sell. Doors need to be bonded together and hung. Most guys advertise pre hung doors. Guess what, to do it right, you need to unbolt them for paint anyways.

Our frames are jig constructed and CAD designed to ensure proper fit and symmetry every time. Frames are sold separately.

This is a bare bones, no frills do it your self kit.You get nothing but what you see pictured. The accessories and hinges, frame, door handles are all available through our parts dept. We do not itemize them yet, but if you want cheap aluminum windshield posts, we have them. If you want original appearance chrome posts, we have them. You want to bitch about the quantity of resin, cloth, or strand size used in building the body? Not anymore. We will build it to your spec, so you can hold yourself accountable for what you ordered. Otherwise we build them to an industry standard that will last longer than your lifetime.

There are dozens of companies that will sell you a "KIT" that is complete in boxes so go to them if you like made in China. You'll end up replacing half of that crap when it is all said and done. Make sure you research these kits on your own, so you know what you are getting into.