Speedster Porsche Carerra engine cover decklid LOUVERED kit car

Speedster Porsche Carerra engine cover decklid LOUVERED kit car
Item# porsche-carerra-engine-cover-decklid-louvered-kit-car
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Product Description

This decklid fits real and kit car bodies. Since real cars are handmade, switching out decklids on steel or fiberglass cars will require the same work. Manufacturers vary, that means this decklid may not fit your car and you may require one that comes in two pieces, so you can bond them and get the right contour on YOUR car. Like the original steel cars, they are all handmade, so this may require fit and trimming. Engine grille is sold separately. We can sell this unbonded, so you can fit to your car as needed, or whole and complete ready to bolt on. Fits every single kit car manufacturers body with normal paint and body work. Holes are not opened in the louvers. Your body man will do this for you. Fully functional rain tray. Usually an excellent fit right out of the box.

* if you order one that is bonded and ready to bolt on, only to discover a fitment issue, then buyer pays all shipping for exchange of unbonded panel version. Since most kit bodies are copies of a copy of a copy, they tend to be a few MM off here and there.

A skin alone is $395.00