Porsche 550 Kit Car REAR clamshell CORRECTIVE SURGERY

  Porsche 550 Kit Car REAR clamshell CORRECTIVE SURGERY
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Product Description

Corrective Surgery

Our 550 Spyder molds are pulled from real Wendler parts. They reveal huge differences in the common 550 tributes and recreations out there. Flat area for license plate light, wheel arch, and rear area under the clamshell are just a few differences.

There is not much you can do to modify the typical kit car rear that your car came with. The rear hump is 'arced' like a rainbow, the fenders joining the center body lines are too crisp, and the wheel arches are wrong. No need to explain the bottom and tail light area...they are a weak attempt at looking real. That's a typical kit car, that was the 80s. Like selecting the GENERIC brand at your grocery store...its never the same.

For nearly 20 something years the average consumer has had his eye trained that the kit car body is what a 550 really looked like. Like the fellow who stopped by our shop and saw the real car, and commented, "what a terrible kit car". ____________________________________________________________ A good portion of the original 550's had a less defined license plate area, and you can simply sand the "ridge" to your liking. Starting from an original was the only way.

During mock up, the differences were evident immediately.

No more Cobra infused lookinf rear fenders.

Right out of the mold before clean up and bonding.

pricing starts at $3995

While these cars will never be the real deal, authentic looks make them what they should have been years ago. This clam shell has been modified to fit most any and all kits from the late 70's until today.

Even the CMI cars were close, but still have the high rear end, odd deformities, and kit car wheel wells. We also sell correction kits for the deformed and mutated CMI/Hickory bodies.

Shown in the image, is part of the long awaited R&D to perform the plastic surgery. Our original part in aluminum, is getting widened in hopes to 'better' a loose interpretation of 550 kits from the last 20 plus years.

We have lots of original 550 panels we have taken molds from and adpated to the "Big Bodied" kit cars.