Porsche 550 fiberglass body ORIGINAL dimensions

Porsche 550 fiberglass body ORIGINAL dimensions
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If you own a post 1981 fiberglass Spyder 550, chances are that you have a modified body that is longer and wider than an original.

Original Dimensions separate the "right" look from the Kit car look that most peoples eyes have been trained to accept as a Spyder 550.

We have combined molds from our original 550 parts cars, (58 & 63 are two of them) Unlike other companies that lay claim to taking molds from an original car...No major plastic surgery. Other Spyder 550 kits actually have wider and longer bodies, making them sort of Digitized with the wrong aspect ratio. We used some of the inner sections from a defunct defunct company from the late 70's, which were really the molds refined in the early 80's. Notice on most kit cars that the rear end is too high like a Cobra. The doors are of unequal length( yes, go check yours), and the front fender had a higher fender on one side, referred to as a "snarl".

These flaws are nowhere to be found on these fresh molds.

The inner panels were nicely done, and rather than drill out our interior, molds were processed with our correct and original 550 body and clam shell. The wheel inner fenders are also corrected to the original style. Rivets covered and smoothed and multiple mold sets made to preserve the original parts.

Compare the first stage splash from the original:

550 door pockets- hinge receiever