Porsche 550 rear clam shell skin

Porsche 550 rear clam shell skin
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These will not fit a typical kit car. You must have an original body dimension, like the early Mishawaka cars that were stretched and morphed into todays most common kit body that in the eyes of the purist... resemble 550 Spyders. This will not fit any of the popular kit cars, you can see how they were altered. (grey one) Funky non Porsche lines and they are also about 1.5 inches wider as designed by the builder back in the early 80's. Even the early cars from Indiana/North Carolina (CMI) have really high rear ends and were not molded from an exact original. This Clamshell will bolt on and correct those cars as well. We would be happy to show you the original aluminum panels made by Porsche/Wendler.