Astro & Plastic Dynamics style rubber kits

Astro & Plastic Dynamics style rubber kits
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Need rubber and trim?

Back in the 80's, Louie Benevidas, (Houston, TX), purchased a variety of Porsche 356 molds for the 356 speedster and other tooling sets. The hardtops were not a big item back then, but we ended up with all of them. We purchased pallets of original trim (crude), extrusions, and different options for the rubber inserts. Some had black lock strips, and others a funky 'chrome' trim that turns to white flaky plastic. The Astro and the Plastic Dynamics style tops were 'identical' tooling molds, but varied in final finish and back window configuration. Latex spray in headliners, or actual pinpoint headliners with rod supports. Latches were crude and now we also offer updated and period looking parts for a better fit and function.

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